Keep Your Office Neat and Tidy

Rely on us for routine office cleaning in Pittsburgh & Shadyside, PA

Offices are dirty. With so many shared surfaces, germs are bound to spread. Work with a professional cleaning company to keep your workspace tidy and sanitary. Jordan T. Miles Cleaning Services, LLC provides after-hours office cleaning to avoid disrupting your employees. We'll handle all the cleaning from top to bottom, including in the bathrooms and break room.

If you own or manage an office space in the Pittsburgh & Shadyside, PA area, let our team handle the daily cleaning for you.

Thorough cleaning for your workspace

Your employees spend more than half of their days at your office. They deserve a clean workspace. Jordan T. Miles Cleaning Services is happy to provide daily, weekly or biweekly cleaning services.

As part of our office cleaning service, we will...

  • Sanitize the bathrooms
  • Take out the trash
  • Vacuum all the floors
  • Wipe down the common areas
Choose a cleaning company that won't cut corners. Call us today to set up an appointment.